Jeppsson, 1997

Author(s):Jeppsson, L.
Title:A new latest Telychian, Sheinwoodian and Early Homerian (Early Silurian) standard conodont zonation
Journal:Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Earth Sciences

The new standard conodont zonation includes, in succession from below: Lower Ps. bicornis Zone, Upper Ps. bicornis Zone, Lower P. procerus Zone, Upper P. procerus Zone, Lower K. ranuliformis Zone, Upper K. ranuliformis Zone, 0. s. rhenana Zone, Lower K. walliseri Zone, Middle K. walliseri Zone, K. patula Zone, uppermost K. walliseri range, post K. walliseri interregnum, K. o. ortus Zone and 0. s. sagitta Zone. Lower boundaries for each zone are defined or redefined. A less detailed biostratigraphic nomenclature at the superzone level is suggested for use where collections are inadequate: The Pterospathodus Zonal group, the Upper Pterospathodus Zonal group, the P. amorphognathoides Zonal group, the Ps. bicornis Superzone, the P. procerus Superzone, the K. ranuliformis Superzone, the O. s. rhenana Superzone, the K. walliseri Zonal group, the Upper K. walliseri Superzone and the K. o. ortus Superzone. These partly overlap and can be used according to the taxa present. The proposed zonation is applied to most known conodont sequences. The taxonomic concept of the taxa used is discussed; new taxa include Nudibelodina sensitiva, Ozarkodina paraconfluens and O. martinssoni. The species name Ozarkodina ortus is a senior synonym of Kockelella absidata.

Keywords:Biostratigraphy, Conodonta, Paleontology, scolecodonts, Silurian