Männik, R., 2024

Author(s):Männik, R.
Title:Siluri ajastu Lau sündmuse mõju mikrofossiilidele Bebirva 111 puuraugus Leedus [Bakalaureusetöö. Juhendajad: O. Hints ja T. Meidla]

In this bachelor’s thesis, the impact of the late Silurian Lau extinction on communities of organic-walled microfossils in the Bebirva 111 drill core in Lithuania was examined. The study focused on changes in the distribution of chitinozoans and scolecodonts within Silurian sediments, both before and after the Lau event. It was discovered that significant changes occurred in the distribution of chitinozoan species while the diversity of scolecodonts remained rather stable and constant throughout the Lau event. The findings concluded that different organism groups responded differently to environmental changes – planktic chitinozoas in the Baltic paleobasin were in general more sensitive to the changes compared to the benthic polychaete worms, represented by scolecodonts.


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