Elleriprion kozuri Zawidzka, 1975

Fossil groupEunicida
TaxonElleriprion kozuri
AuthorZawidzka, 1975
ReferenceZawidzka, 1975
Parent taxonElleriprion



Zawidzka, 1975:

Diagnosis. - An elongate MIL, provided with straight hook and five needlelike dentdcles; minor sector of posterior part straight. Outer margin shaped with a small process. Description. - Jaw elongate, with a well developed hook directed anteriorly and gradually turning into a relatively narrow basal part. Outer outline of anterior part moderately convex. A concavity, turning into a not very large, but dIstinct process, is outlined in the posterior part. Inner margin concave anteriorly and provided with five denticles almost undform in size and facing anteriorly, the last of them small, triangular. Posterior part bipartite: its straight inner part turns, through the convexity of base, into an outer sector running obliquely anteriorly. Remarks. - The species Elleriprion kozuri sp. n. is similar to E. mamilatus (Zawidzka), from which it differs only in dentition, that is, the number of denticles in E. mamilatus is much larger. Besides, they are needlelike and always perpendicular to the outer margin of the jaw. Occurrence. - Lower Muschelkalk (Pelsonian) at Gorazdze (Opole Silesia).