Tonarová et al., 2024

Author(s):Tonarová, P., Suttner, T., Hints, O., Liang, Y., Zemek, M., Kubajko, M., Zikmund, T., Kaiser, J., Kido, E.
Title:Late Ordovician scolecodonts and chitinozoans from the Pin Valley in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, northern India
Journal:Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

The end of the Ordovician witnessed major perturbations in the ecosystem, seriously affecting global marine biodiversity. Nevertheless, some marine organism groups and their crisis-bound palaeogeographic distribution are still understudied. Among the outliers are eunicid polychaetes, even though they flourished and diversified extensively during the Ordovician. A collection of seven genera of jaw-bearing polychaetes, including the new ramphoprionid genus Spitiprion Tonarová, Suttner, & Hints, with type new species of Spitiprion khannai Tonarová, Suttner, & Hints, is described here from Katian (Upper Ordovician) deposits of Spiti, northern India. The new species is preserved as isolated maxillae and a jaw cluster, and 3D models of the maxillary apparatus are reconstructed based on submicron-CT. Along with the scolecodonts, a low-diversity assemblage of chitinozoans was recovered, comprising five genera. The most common chitinozoan species are Acanthochitina cf. cancellata and Spinachitina suecica.

Keywords:Chitinozoa, Microfossils, Organic-walled microfossils, paleontoloogia, scolecodonts
New genera described:1. Spitiprion Tonarová, Suttner et Hints, 2024
2. Spitiprion khannai Tonarová, Suttner et Hints, 2024