Spitiprion khannai Tonarová, Suttner et Hints, 2024

Fossil groupEunicida
TaxonSpitiprion khannai
AuthorTonarová, Suttner et Hints, 2024
ReferenceTonarová et al., 2024
Parent taxonSpitiprion

Type specimens

TypeNoType localityType horizonRemarksReference
holotypeCGSPT_159_4KatianTonarová et al., 2024


Tonarová et al., 2024:

Diagnosis: MI elongated, widest in the posterior third. The dentary spread along the posterior half of the jaw length, terminating with a prominent and bent anterior hook. The right MI with a conspicuous slender ramus of rectangular shape, with a prominent inner wing occupying approximately posterior third of jaw, the wing is ending with a pointed extension. The left MI with a prominent inner wing extending approx. posterior 40% of the jaw, ending by a prominent pointed extension. In the outer margin, slightly below the centre protrudes a prominent extension, symmetrically to the inner wing extension. The dentary of both first maxillae is occupied by 8 to 12 relatively small but sharp denticles. The un-denticulated hook starts at approx. mid-length of the jaw, and it has an almost whip-like ending. The myocoele opening occupies about one-third of the jaw length. The MIIs are expected to be near mirror images of each other, with a slender ramus placed in the anterior-most part, pointed denticles, with the most prominent first denticle. MIV (right confirmed) is slightly longer than wide, occupied with relatively large and sturdy denticles. The basal plate was not found, but most likely it is sub-rectangular, with small denticles and a tapering antero-dextral process.